Excalibur Investments Newsletter #2

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Excalibur investments is our newsletter for investments that have substantial potential. These investments may require setting up new accounts, many will be cryptocurrencies, but they will always be vetted and chosen for their potential to multiply for investment many times over.

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These investments may require a basic understanding of decentralized exchanges, so please join our Telegram group if you need help. 


Excalibur Investments Newsletter #2
February 12, 2021

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter. Today we will be choosing a recommendation that will hedge against the high gas prices on the Ethereum Block chain.

First, let’s look at last month. Our picks from last month have performed phenomenally.

Bidao / $BID

  • Our Price: $0.012
  • Current Price: $0.0328
  • Gain: 173.33%
  • APY: 1807.58%

Whitheart / $WHITE

  • Our Price: $2,560.80
  • Current Price: $4,119.85
  • Gain: 60.881%
  • APY: 634.87%

Hathor / $HTR

  • Our Price: $0.262
  • Current Price: $0.329
  • Gain: 25.573%
  • APY: 266.68%

903% APY average

That’s right, our first month of investment picks would have netted you a 903% annualized return over the 35 days since the newsletter. There are no gimmicks here, this is real.

I would like to point out that we are in a bull market for Crypto, so this isn’t unusual – but for the newsletter it has been very lucky. More than anything I want to see you make money, and nothing works better at convincing people to invest than real results.


February Crypto Pick

For February I would like to hedge our bets with layer 2 solutions on the Binance Smart Contract network. Recently due the massive incoming investments in Defi the Ethereum blockchain’s gas prices have soared. Making a small trade is almost impossible.

JulSwap / JulD

JulSwap is the Binance Smart Contract equivalent of Uniswap. Their flagship product, JustLiquidity, is one of the most prominent token bridges that allow users to switch their ERC20 and other tokens to Binance chain tokens.

JulSwap sports a familiar user interface and has significant on chain support. The most prominent exchange on BSC is Pancake $CAKE, but since JulSwap has the backing, the technical aptitude and the low market cap, it is a much better pick for realizing life changing gains.

In the short term if Ethereum can work out its gas problem BSC suffers from a longstanding network effect in favor of Ethereum, but Binance is a strong player and if they open up their wider ecosystem to investors in the US it could mean a significant increase in investment to all the biggest projects on their chain.

  • Familiar UI
  • Backing from Binance
  • Low fees and fast settlement times

JulSwap on Coingecko

Price: $0.155
Purchase $JULD on Hoo.com