About Round Table Finance

Our motto “Helping you reach financial goals so you can achieve life goals” is what’s it’s all about. Money isn’t the most important thing in the world, but it makes all those important things attainable.

Round Table Finance was started because we realized that most finance resources are almost completely geared toward selling people products. That is a conflict of interest when it comes to making money!

Just like a car salesman, if they can’t get you approved for the car and rate that you want then they start trying to sale you a cheaper car at a higher rate until you get approved.

Like the water house brokerages of the 80s and 90s, when brokers get paid by the trade their goal is to trade and NOT make you money.

At Round Table Finance you sit at the table; what is good for you is good for everyone. We promise to only recommend products we believe in, never make selling or stealing your data the goal of our platform.

Please read our disclosures for information on the vested interests of our team and authors. We will make every effort to list conflicts of interest, associations and other forms of involvement.

Team Members

Adam Justice
Adam Justice

Adam is the COO of Best Value Medical, a medical supply wholesaler and Marketing Lead for the Luna Fund, a cryptocurency based mutual fund.