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Excalibur Investments Newsletter #1

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Excalibur investments is our newsletter for investments that have substantial potential. These investments may require setting up new accounts, many will be cryptocurrencies, but they will always be vetted and chosen for their potential to multiply for investment many times over.

We are allowing the first 100 subscribers free access indefinitely, and this month we decided to post our first issue on the Round Table Finance Website so people can see what they’re getting. Unfortunately the day after making these picks the Crypto market took a hit, but I’m still confident in these picks potential. I expect Whiteheart to appreciate first, Bidao second and Hathor last.

They are all 3 very young so a good idea would be to take half your investment you’d like to risk and invest immediately. Join their telegram groups, follow their social media accounts and connect with the community.  Analyze the range the tokens have moved in and if you see a good bargain before their primary product is launched invest the other half.

Excalibur Investments Newsletter #1
January 8, 2021

Welcome to our very first investors newsletter. Today we will be choosing 3 recommendations that our staff have vetted and that I have personally chosen based on their potential returns.

2021 could be a phenomenal year for Bitcoin, so any investments we choose need to have phenomenal potential. If you’re new to crypto I suggest keeping investments small because these are extremely risky, and take profit along the way because they are volatile.

2 of the picks are decentralized finance startups and will require Ethereum to process transaction fees on Uniswap. If you are unfamiliar with how to use Uniswap feel free to reach out in one of our groups.

You will need an On ramp and it could take up to a week to get your investment onto the related blockchain to invest, so I suggest if you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency sign up for Coinbase now and deposit some funds even if you do not plan on investing in any of these higher risk plays,

Recommendation #1
Hathor Network
The Hathor Network is a new scalable and easy to use blockchain that is much cheaper than Ethereum. As the gas price for Ethereum sees all time highs recently it has opened the door for ETH competitors.Cardano for example has enjoyed recent gains. With $HTR you are able to get in early, and the product is superior in many ways.

  • No Fees
  • Easily integrate multiple tokens in one transaction
  • Nano Contracts – An easier and safer implementation of smart contracts with built in oracles.

Hathor Network on CoinGecko

Price: $0.262
Purchase Hathor on Kucoin


Recommendation #2
Whiteheart Finance
Whiteheart finance is a fork of HEGIC. The primary product is an option trading platform that will begin with ETH and WBTC, it will be implemented as a 2nd layer of Uniswap allowing users to execute option contracts to hedge their investments.

The attractiveness of Whiteheart lies in the design and simplicity, as well as the fact that there are only 8,888 tokens that will give holders the ability to collect up to 30% of the fees generated by the application.

The use case for this application is huge and I expect it to multiply several times over the next 3-6 months.

  • Phenomenal staking rewards
  • limited supply
  • Developer with a positive track record

Whiteheart Finance on CoinGecko

Price: $2,560.80
Purchase $WHITE on Uniswap WHITE/ETH Pair


Recommendation #3
Bidao Chain
Bidao chain is a CDP built on the Binance chain that will allow users to generate and borrow $BAI, a chain agnostic stable coin.

The recent trend has been for more crypto and blockchain projects to emerge instead of seeing them coalesce. Bidao will fill the pivotal role of allowing users to transfer funds seamlessly across blockchains while also offering a lending platform with expanded options.

The team is young and they haven’t had the best communication to date, but this has allowed the token price to stay at an affordable level right up until 2021 as they begin to bring beta testers onto the test net which is reported to work flawlessly.

With Bitcoin and ETH enjoying a bull run of sorts I have had to reduce my exposure to $BID, but I still believe the project has massive potential and could easily 10x this year.

  • Unique use case
  • Project has already been funded by an ICO
  • Token price is near ICO levels

Bidao Chain on CoinGecko

Price: $0.012
Purchase $BID on Uniswap BID/ETH Pair

I have investigated the authenticity of these offerings over many months, but the cryptocurrency space is full of scams and investing is very risky. Please do your own research and avoid investing money you cannot afford to lose.

The content & commentary in this newsletter and contained on the Round Table Finance website reflects the personal opinions, viewpoints and analyses of the listed author, and should not be regarded as investment advice. Nothing on Round Table Finance is to be construed as a recommendation that any particular service, security, asset, portfolio, transaction, tactic or strategy is suitable for any specific person.

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Until Next time, adios friends!
Adam Justice
Round Table Finance